Who is PikaPau?




PIKAPAU is an expert on balancing,
but he is also a wine lover and this does not sound like a good combination .
This eccentric character always travels with his pet gold fish, that is also a star in the show. Transforming ordinary objects and everyday situations in special and challenging times,
something simply becomes amazing!
With visual theater he creates all the situation and plays with the audience ,
the show is a unique and funny performance with a high level of technical skill that brings you into a magic world full off surprises that you will never forget. 


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About me

 The Pikapau history in world of performing begins at 13 years old in southern Brazil when he meet his best friend Mantega. With the beginning of this friendship also begins the search for discovering the world and make people laugh.

   A few years later with the discovery of juggling is the first tool to express himself and explore the world. Along that journey brings to his luggage acrobatics, physical theater, illusionism and the passion for comedy.

   In 2008 creates with Mantega  the company "Anonymous Brothers" who with his first street show, "Almost Impossible" participated in many festivals around the world winning two awards at festivals in Europe. In over 10 years working in duo many acts have been created, among them also this short act "the new good old times" and the stage show,"sunset circus".

In 2015 he starts  to work on his first solo show "No Bai" that evolve to be the latest "Fish Circus"


*Audience award ,Strassen Zaubert Festival Weilheim 2018, Germany 

(The PikaPau Show) 

*Best show at Pinneberger Kleinkunstfestival 2012, Germany (Show Almost Impossible) 

*Second Prize at Strassenfiffi 2012, Germany (Show Almost Impossible) 

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